Common File Bar problems



Long Life carries over 100 different  file bars

This is because every manufacturer places the "slots" for the file bars in slightly different places

using the wrong file bar in your cabinet may cause a variety of problems

Knowing the brand of your file cab can help avoid problems


Just contact us with the make of your cabinet and the outside width (30" , 36" or 42")

and we can supply file bars , usually the same day




Bar too high

files hit flip up door causing damage to door & files  

index  tags on folders hit flip up door & get knocked off






bar too low

files sit on bottom of drawer & do not sit neatly in cabinet

files usually fall off bars and get messy





bar too long

will hit against side of cabinet or hit against the door clips





bar too thick

or is too high

will not go in slot




bar too short  

will not reach into slot on both ends so cannot work