Long Life Ltd. stocks file bars for over 100 types of file cabinets 

If you need a key for your lock  just email us the key # on the front of the lock

if you do not see what you need just email us

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Side to Side File Bars

 go from the left side of the cab to the right  

see photo album below



Front to back file bars

Hang off  the side to side bars

going from the front of the cab to the back

so he files can hang facing the user



click on for more info on   Steelcase filebars  


click here for Filebars for Wood drawers




Filebar Photo Album 

Storwall file bar 2 styles Steel equipment & office specialty inscape
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 11    12    13    14    15    16    17    18    19    20    21  

 22    23    24    25 



We carry a large selection of filebars or file rails

trying to use the wrong file bar in your cabinet can cause problems

knowing the "Brand" of your cabinet helps get the right bar

Here are photos of a few

If you do not see the part you need just email or fax us


we also make Custom made file bars  if you cannot figure out the brand

or if you have a no -name cabinet








File Bar clips

100 different

types in stock