Outside    Lock  Bars (aka security bars )

Outside lock bars are great for cabinets that have no internal lock mechanisms


when high security is needed

Long Life Ltd has a  selection of outside lock bars

If you do not see what you need here simply email us

If you need a key for your lock  just email us the key # on the front of the lock 


There are 2 main styles of Outside lock bars

1st, the type that bolts to the side edge of the file cabinet & "swings away " to allow the cabinet to open

2ndly the "center Bar " style that goes down the center of the cabinet

and is removed during the day to allow the cabinet to be opened

Both Types are locked with a padlock



   Swing-a-way   Lock Bar


 Swing-a-way video 

about 1 minute  



  Center style  outside lock bar


 Center Style Outside Bar video 

about 1 minute



 Here are 2  sample cabinets with both types of outside bar

The red bar on the left is a" swing-a-way "bar

 The silver bar down the center is a "Center Style " bar  

Photo Album :Outside Lock Bars


outside lock bar , center style for lateral filing cabinet
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